White Micro Pencil Tag 58kHz

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Micro Pencil Tag 58kHz




• Very Small Pencil shaped design.

• Super-Lock Security Tag can be applied to a wide variety of apparel, minimizing the affect on even the most delicate garments.

• Defeat resistant design. A rigid ABS plastic housing combined with a super-lock feature means only strong type detachers will open this tag.


Product Compatibility

The Micro Pencil Tag 58kHz is compatible with the FX7 detacher, and the tag itself will work along with any 58kHz EAS System such as Sensormatic.


Tag Specifications:

Frequency: 58 kHz

Lock Type: Super-lock

Colour: White

Length: 42mm

Width: 15mm

Overall Thickness: 15mm

Weight: 9g

This EAS hard tag is compatible with Sensormatic or WG Acoustic-Magnetic (AM) EAS system


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