Lucatron AQS-250 Mono EAS System

Product no.: Lucatron AQS-250 Mono EAS System

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The Lucatron AQS-250 is our favourite refurbished 8.2MHz EAS system.

With the benefits of DSP to reduce false alarming that can be found on older models.

Our refurbished systems come complete with a Brand New Ultra-K 3000 board and 18v power supply.

Very simple to install by yourself though we do recommend you use one of our fully qualified EAS engineers to fit this system.

If you want an engineer to fully install this system please call us for more details.


Height: 166cm

Width: 44cm

Depth: 4.8cm

Maximum detection: 110cm using Large Hard Tags

Maximum detection: 100cm using Medimum Hard Tags

Maximum detection: 85cm using 4x4cm Labels

Maximum detection: 95cm using 5x5cm Labels

Colour: Aluminium grey

Weight: 8.5kg

This Package system comes complete with:

One Single Lucatron AQS-250 (Refurbished)

All cables and a 18v Power Supply

Condition is like New, Excellent Condition

Floor Bolts/Screws are not supplied

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