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Sensormatic AM Security Labels


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58 kHz EAS labels also know as AM labels will work on all EAS systems on the 58 kHz frequency.

Sensormatic, WG and PSP systems often use 58 kHz AM labels.

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Facts about AM 58kHz DR Labels

  • AM Means Acousto-Magnetic and is also commonly referred to as a DR Labels
  • The AM Label is made of magnetiostrictive ferromagnetic amorphous metal strip and magnetic strip.
  • Compared with RF labels, it has much slimmer size, better detection performance, and excellent anti-metal performance.
  • They are commonly found on products such as cosmetics, perfume, and some other small items.
  • The AM label can be stick onto merchandise firmly, cannot be removed easily.
  • AM labels must work together with and AM EAS System
  • The smaller labels 3x3cm have a lesser detection rate than their counterparts the 4x4cm labels
  • The AM label detection is very similar to a good branded AM hard tag!
  • For applying the label the surface must be free from dirt, grease dust etc
  • The label must be placed flat and not creased etc
  • All security labels must NOT Be placed around any metallic, electrical goods and should be placed where there is no metallic product as this will severely impede the detection!
  • Benefits include discrete tagging, hard to remove, helps catch professional shoplifters!
  • I may also add that you must have a reliable AM 58kHz Deactivator at the POS to deactivate any said security label/s.
  • They usually come in boxes of 5000 labels

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5000 DR2010 Plain White EAS Label for 58kHz Systems

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Sensormatic Ultrastrip III DR Labels Black per 5000 Product code: ZLDRS5

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Sensormatic ZLAPS2 plain white labels 58KHz for use with Sensormatic, WG Acousto and Antares Magnetic Systems. Box of 5,000. (Genuine)

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The Ultra•Strip III Book Label provides premier performance and merchandise protection for paperback and/or hardcover books. PRE-ORDER ONLY

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