T149 Alarm Wrap Tag 8.2MHz & 58kHz (Pre-Owned)

Product no.: T149 Alarm Wrap Tag 8.2MHz & 58kHz (Pre-Owned)

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T149 Alarm Wrap Tag 8.2MHz & 58kHz (Pre-Owned)


Product Information:


The Alarm wrap tag T149 has been developed for protecting multiple sizes of packaged merchandise; it is easily adjustable to fit a variety of products and will activate all proprietary AM&RF EAS systems.

The Multi Grip Family can be widely applied to protect merchandise packed in boxes or cases.


Alarm wrap tag T149 ——MULTI ALARM TECHNOLOGY


ALARM1&3: If the armed multi grip is taken into the system will trigger system alarming as well as self-alarming.


ALARM2: Anti tamper, the multi grip will alarm If the wire is cut or tampered with.


Alarm wrap tag T149 Features:


  1. ● Multi Alarm Technology


  1. ● Visual deterrent


  1. ● Easy to operate


  1. ● Complete variety of specifications


Alarming products, with its loud alarm when tampered, can draw the attention of store staff so as to reduce shoplifting in real time.

Through years of development and market testing, Century’ Alarming products are acknowledged as reliable and stable.




Frequency: 8.2MHz & 58 KHz


Colour: Grey  


Dimension: 73mm


Lanyard length: Large: 120cm


Alarm volume: 95 dB


Weight: 110g


Battery life: 3 years


Condition: Pre-owned (Excellent)

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