Sensormatic ZLAPXS2 Barcode APX Labels

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We are no longer stocking these due to a price increase by Sensormatic and we dont feel it appropriate to increase these any further


may we suggest these two alternatives


1ST one is a compatible very similar ones by a 3rd party:

2nd type: Genuine Sensormatic previously known as LE labels, easier to deactivate very slight detection rate!












The Ultra•Strip ZLAPXS2 Label has a high detection rate similar to a Sensormatic Supertag and has a strong adhesive backing.

The label is compatible with all Ultra•Max detectors and deactivators devices, but should not be used with the ZK151 Contact Pad or Scanner Plates.

These Ultra•Strip Labels have a dummy barcode printed onto the top of the label.

Come in sheets with a total of 5000 per box.

100% Genuine Product


Free samples can be supplied to any bona-fide retailers.


5000 x Labels per box 

(LxWxD): 45.2 x 10.67 x 1.89 mm (1.78 x 0.42 x 0.074 in.)




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Delivery weight: 3 kg
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