STUHD Self Alarming Dual Unit

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The STUHD Self Alarming Dual Units Maximum security for your display merchandise.

Alarm 1: Cut any cable—It alarms.

Alarm 2: Remove alarm sensor—It alarms.

Alarm 3: Unplug any cable– It alarms.

Alarm 4: Attempt to remove control unit—It alarms.

In addition to this it comes complete with:

  • Anti-tamper on the base unit
  • Two alarm inputs per control unit
  • Cable with tamper
  • Replaceable batteries
  • 1.5m long sensor cables
  • Close set/unset via remote control unit
  • Easy installation and instructions


  1. Control unit dimension: 70.5x45x22.5mm
  2. Removable Lanyard or Sensor cable: 
  3. 500mm in closed coil
  4. extending to approximately 1500mm in stretched coil
  5. Beep volume:>95dB
  6. Battery life: 3-5 years
  7. Release by remote control “STUHD Remote”

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