58kHz Stealth Pad Deactivator (Pre-Owned)

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The WG Stealth Pad (Pre-Owned) with two keys. 

The WG Stealth Pad™ Distance Deactivator provides excellent deactivation reliability and high throughput.

In addition it presents a friendly user interface for ease of use.

The Stealth Pad™ Antenna is configured for table-top operation but can also be set Flush mount to the countertop in a mounting tray or vertically mounted against the counter.

Proximity Deactivation With 10 cm (4 inch) distance deactivation, the Stealth Pad™ is an excellent product for both source and Tagged merchandise.

The small antenna footprint allows it to be easily placed on the counter top or Flush-mounted.

Audible/Visual Notification Stealth Pad™ includes both audible and visual notification for efficient and reliable operation.

LAN Port for Remote Access With the optional EAS Net software package, Stealth Pad™ can be remotely accessed for tuning and data Mining.

SPECIFICATIONS http://wgspi.com/images/pdf/SPEC-SPD-020105C.pdf

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