CrystalGuard Slim Mono Illuminating EAS Antenna 8.2MHz

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CrystalGuard Slim Mono 8.2MHz Illuminating EAS Antenna

High quality Perspex Antenna Gate

Fully transparent, high quality Perspex gate in an elegant and contempory design.

Unique and very eye catching LED illumination with colour options.

The perfect solution for stores with modern interior.

Detection range is average, based on the store environments it may vary slightly

4x4cm label: 75cm

5x5cm Label: 85cm

Mini Hard Tag: 90cm

Large Hard Tag: 110cm


Height: 1535mm

Width: 230mm

Depth of acrylic frame: 19mm

Weight: 10kg

Stainless steel base covers

16VAC Power Supply

Can illuminate with dual layer LED in: Red-Green-Blue

(Please choose a colour when placing your order)

Fitted with South Korean V10 Circuit Board

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